Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 1:49 AM

Welcome to the part of my media gallery where I have reserved for work I have done while attending Washburn University. During my tenure as a student, I have attended two design courses – one of which is two-dimensional, the other is three-dimensional. I have also taken two drawing courses, two photography courses – one using silver gelatin monochromatic chemicals in the darkroom, the other with digital photography. I have also taken one course in ceramics, and graphic design.

You will be able to locate the examples of my student work using the drop-down menu by course subject. In addition to my time as a student, I was on the board of directors as secretary for the Washburn Art Student Association – WASA. You can see a sample of the minutes from both the general and board of directors’ meetings below.

NOTICE: Sections herein are not complete, and media is being added as time allows. Please check back for updates.