NateDog Productions

As it is mentioned on my résumé that when I owned and managed NateDog Productions, this is where my beginnings are for graphic and website design, as well as developing television and radio spots.

Of the nine clients’ work that I had while in operation, four of the clients’ I have kept work over the years. Unfortunately, only two of the clients’ that I was able to make contact with have given authorization to have their work exhibited on this website. It is explicit that I ask you to not contact the clients’ without discussing it with me please.

NateDog Productions 2000-2010 (Alternate Logo)2000-2010, Alternate Logo NateDog Productions: Business Card NateDog Productions: Envelope NateDog Productions: Letterhead
Discount Muffler – Topeka

Commissioned to host and develop a website, launch and maintain social media on Twitter & Facebook, design advertisements for the Yellow Pages, and various print mediums. Discount Muffler was a client for 11 years.

 Discount Muffler: 2012 Logo  Discount Muffler: Logo (2000-2009) Discount Muffler: Advertisement  Discount Muffler: Advertisement
 Discount Muffler: Advertisement Discount Muffler: Website

(Home Page)

Discount Muffler: Website

(Hustler Turf Equipment)

 Discount Muffler: Website

(Tri-State Carports)


Ball Custom Kitchens – Topeka

Commissioned by way of KTWU-TV’s Lights, Camera Auction to host and develop a website, launch a social media presence on Facebook, design their logo and business card including on-site photography for website and social media.  Ball Custom Kitchens was a client for 2 years.

Web ballcust-card  Ball Custom Kitchens
 Ball Custom Kitchens Ball Custom Kitchens Ball Custom Kitchens